Would you like to educate yourself, advance your skills and enhance your career? Aware of the importance of personal and business development, we are helping you achieve these goals by organizing educational events in all segments of insurance industry.

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Since 2006, the Institute for Insurance has been continuously working on promoting and developing the insurance profession, advancing the market, legislation and educating the insurance industry personnel. Since our foundation, we have organized over 70 educational events – seminars, conferences, round tables, courses...

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Information and Communication Technology and Insurance

A two-day event offers excellent presentations, workshops and round tables, as well as rich entertainment – cocktails and excursions that make an ideal chance for networking and deepening your contacts in the IT world.

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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
Benjamin Franklin


Considering a long-standing tradition, conferences by the Institute of Insurance are well known and recognized among the insurance market. Some of them are Sales and Marketing of Insurance Products, Information and Communication Technology and Insurance (ICTI), Challenges and Practice of Insurance Supervision in South East Europe... While other conferences with their quality agendas, such as Life Insurance Conference and Cyber Risk, are gradually becoming a standard educational place for the industry.

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Every year Institute for Insurance organizes several specialized seminars and workshops, providing attendees with the opportunity to educate themselves in specific insurance areas. So far, we have held seminars in (professional) insurance liability, life insurance products, Solvency II, various actuarial seminars...

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