Cyber Risk Conference
17 March 2016

Westin Hotel, Zagreb
With the cooperation of the Croatian Institute for Urban Safety and Zaštita (Protection) journal

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Cyber attacks and threats are among the greatest risks that the global corporate sector is faced with. As a response to that, global insurance industry has created and placed on the market a modern insurance product that covers such risks. We will gather European and local experts on cyber security and IT risk insurance in Zagreb on March 17, in order for Croatia and the region to be able to follow European and world trends.

  • challenges of cyber security

  • technology fighting against cyber crime

  • cyber-risk as an additional security guarantee

Who is the conference intended for?

The conference is intended for Croatian and regional corporate sector and insurance market.


Presentations were held by representatives of Europol, The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), the Ministry of Interior, the Information Systems Security Bureau...

2016 Speakers


The conference deals with topics in the field of cyber security with emphasis on techniques for providing safety and business flow when they have been compromised. It also covers proactive and reactive measures with the purpose of maintaining cyber security and reducing the impact of potential damages. It deals with areas such as cyber threats, cyber risk management strategies, cyber security, creating IT security policies, and ultimately recovery from damage and retention of business continuity.

2016 Agenda


Attendees of the conference were representatives of insurers and insurance brokers, banks, Croatian Ministry of the Interior, state offices and security bureaus, technology companies ...

2016 Delegates

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