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Institute for Insurance and Svijet osiguranja journal, company Tectus Ltd,
are organising

3rd International Life Insurance Conference

5 October 2017, The Westin Zagreb Hotel, Zagreb, Croatia


The Conference is meant for
insurance companies and voluntary pension funds boards of directors, product managers, actuaries, sales managers, insurance agencies and all those involved in creation of life insurance policies, their placement on the market and sales.

The goal of the Conference
is to gather European and global experts in life insurance industry and voluntary pension funds in the SEE region and provide answers to the following questions: how to innovate long term savings and life insurance products, what distribution channels to use, how to adapt to market requirements, how to create life insurance product fit for a client, how to promote life insurance products, etc. Particular attention will be paid to successful examples from European practice that could be applied on the market od SEE Europe.

What are the main factors of success/failure in the region? What are the future distribution channels and how to improve traditional channels? How to create modern life insurance products and facilitate customized offers to meet the unique needs of consumers? What awaits the savings products in the future? Find answers to these questions and gain insight into the very latest in industry news, product innovation, distribution, markets, administration, regulation, and technology.

The third International Life Insurance Conference is aimed for Croatian and SEE markets. The main goal of the Conference is to discuss these important issues and identify strategies that will shape the industry's future.

Croatian / region languages and English.
Simultaneous interpretation is available during the whole Conference.


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